The World Sports University (WSU) is a high education institute legally registered in Macau and established under the GAAPSF. The WSU had signed cooperative agreements with various universities, including: QILU University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences), IJF Academy, etc.


Sport Academy Europe (SA) based in Bruxelles is an international educational service provider and consulting company working with EU institutions, Public Authorities, Universities, Sport Organization and international Sport Federations.

World Sports University

Universities worldwide , IOC members and institutions on the educational side
To promote the Olympics Spirit

To develop the entire sports eco-system talents internationally

To drive the sports development and to improve the physical and emotional well-being of world college students

To be a leader in producing talents for world sports development, promoting international exchange of ideas and to contribute towards promoting world peace and harmony with the power of sports and friendships between youth and university students in different countries and regions.

Sport Academy Europe

European & international Qualification Framework System
The Sport Academy has only one mission to give the best opportunities and management of the required skills in order to be a top Professional Master worldwide recognition.Be active and make sport in the correct way is our main objective and we believe that this is one important step for the future. Thanks to all professors, coaches for making real this important project and generate a new commitment for the common goal.countries and regions.